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Installing Seamless Gutters in Buffalo, NY for 30+ Years

Seamless Gutters & Leaf Relief

We Do Gutters Right!

When we first started out, Sahlem’s Roofing & Siding was the premier gutter contractor in Western New York. We’ve continued that tradition, and to this day, our gutter installers travel throughout the Buffalo, NY area to provide superior products and service.

We use the best equipment and materials available. Our gutter crews are trained to treat each job site as if it were their own home or business. You can count on having beautiful, functional, no-leak gutters by the time we’re done.

Contact our team to learn why we’re one of the most respected gutter companies throughout Western New York!
Seamless Gutters
Custom On-Site Gutter Fabrication

What are Seamless Gutters?

Seamless gutters are the most popular form of guttering in the United States. Also known as continuous rain guttering, it is a form of guttering that’s completely free of seams or joins. It’s used for approximately 75% of all gutter projects in the nation.

It’s easy to see why seamless gutters are so popular, because they offer all of the following advantages:
  • No unsightly seams
  • Reduced potential for leaks
  • Finished with baked-on enamel – no painting necessary!
  • Superior protection for your home and landscaping
  • Created exactly to your specifications
  • Quick completion—most jobs are finished in one day
Leaf Relief Product Comparison Sheet
We use Leaf Relief® gutter protectors to help homeowners and business owners across Western New York keep their gutters in great condition and eliminate one of the more arduous and dangerous parts of household maintenance. We chose Leaf Relief® because we know it’s a superior product. You should also feel free to ask questions and perform your own research on the product. 

Here are the most important questions you should be asking about any gutter protection product:
  • Does the product eliminate the annoying, dangerous maintenance that’s necessary to keep your gutters in good condition?
  • Is the product compatible with your roofing warranty? Products that screw or nail directly into the roof could void the warranty.
  • Do you like the look of the product on your home?
  • Have you called one of the Leaf Relief certified gutter companies in Buffalo, NY?
  • Is the product affordable, especially when compared to the competition?
Leaf Relief comes with a“No Clog, No Overflow” warranty.

Leaf Relief helps prevent damage caused to overhangs, walls and foundations (when properly installed).


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