A well-functioning roof is one of the most important factors in protecting your home from weather-related damage. To get the best protection, you need both top quality materials and highly skilled installers. At Sahlem’s Roofing & Siding, We offer you both. With thousands of roofing projects completed, you can be assured that we’ll be here to stand behind our work.

For over 30 years, Sahlem’s Roofing & Siding has been handling WNY’s residential roofing needs. We have over 70 full time employees who have been working together for a minimum of 5 years, some 15 and 20 years. We are more efficient, more productive and can provide you with quality workmanship.

Sahlem’s Roofing is recognized as a recommended roofing contractor by the leading shingle manufacturers for our area. We are one of only a few roofing contractors in our area to have achieved "SELECT Shingle Roofer" status with CertainTeed. Only a "SELECT Shingle Roofer" can offer CertainTeed’s 5 star warranty. According to CertainTeed, "A SELECT shingle roofer is in the top 1% of his profession."


Quick Facts

  • We offer CertainTeed & GAF Shingles 50 Year/Lifetime Warranty
  • All tear-offs include rubberized Ice shield and PVC coated titanium which means ice shield lasts as long as the roof
  • Highest grade skylights used on residential roofing
  • We protect your landscaping & clean up is impeccable
  • Earned Select Shingle Master Roofer Status
  • 44,000 square foot warehouse

New 44,000 square foot, state of the art facility has the services capability to meet the needs of roofing projects of all sizes.

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